Christine's Story

The death of her elderly client not only ended Christine's employment but it also terminated her place of residence.

She had been a live-in-care-giver for an elderly gentleman whose family immediately closed his house for occupancy on the day of his death.

Lacking reserve funds and nearby relatives, Christine was forced to search for shelter that day. Her call to public agencies quickly referred her to the Genesis House.  "I felt safe there," Christine recalled. "They really care about you and the staff was wonderful to me." During her stay at the Genesis House, Christine diligently sought employment and housing.

She found temporary employment at a local motel working as a housekeeper. Since she had no means of transportation, Christine was forced to walk the four mile trek to the motel. "I got so tired, between the walking and then working eight hours," she explained. However she knew this was the first step on her way back to solvency.

Since then Christine has found steady work as a baker's assistant at a supermarket, "I'm learning to decorate cakes!" -- along with part-time work as a seamstress.

Christine has also moved into a small house and the family of the gentleman she took care of gifted her his 1984 sedan, which has made it possible for her to commute from home to work.

Christine is back on her feet settling into her new home and exploring her love of painting, a talent she hopes to be able to explore more fully.

Looking back on her stay at Genesis House with fondness and gratitude, she shares, "It's a wonderful place and they helped me so much. People should know we need such a shelter here in Olean. I never thought I'd be homeless but it happened."