Volunteer Opportunities at The Genesis House:

Food Coordinator - inventory of food, stock, labeling, menu item availability

Shopper - shopping lists from posted menus, once a week shopping trips

Kitchen and Cooking Coordinator - prepare menus, meal planning, teaching

Handy Person - small fix-it jobs, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, yard work

Attic Storage Person - arrange and inventory attic, linens, and supplies

Housekeeping - general cleaning, change bedding, laundry, etc.

Discharge Planner - Arrange for meeting family needs as they leave
the house and review plans for their needs and goals for the future.

Yard Maintenance - plant flowers, mow, trim, weed, rake, shovel

Maintenance Driver - Donate time and use of truck for moving
furniture, trash removal, etc.

Fundraising Committee - Take part in one or more:
Change for New Beginnings, AMBA Blood Analysis,
Geranium Sales, Delivery of Geraniums, Harvest Moon Ball

Share and Prayer Helper - Help plan occasional gathering of
graduate families for dinner and fellowship.

Food Bank Pick-Up - 3rd Wednesday of the month - Take your
vehicle to the Olean Food Pantry (1010 Wayne St.), at about
noon and wait for the Food Bank truck. Assist other groups
load their vehicles and get our food, as well. To be stored
in the cellar, and marked with the month and year.